Stephen A. Sinacore

Mr. Sinacore was a co-founder of Atrevida Partners, LLC and a Managing Member. Prior to co-founding Atrevida in 2007, he completed a two-year assignment with Citadel Investment Group, a Chicago-based hedge fund. Joining Citadel as Treasurer, Mr. Sinacore was responsible for the management of the firm's balance sheet, including addressing overall funding needs and the allocation of capital. During his last six months at Citadel, Mr. Sinacore filled the role of interim portfolio manager for the global energy portfolio.

Mr. Sinacore was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zurich Capital Markets Inc. (“ZCM”) before his stint at Citadel. At that time, ZCM was a financial services firm specializing in structured alternative asset products and fund of hedge funds management. During Mr. Sinacore's tenure, ZCM managed approximately $3.5 billion in hedge fund assets through its fund of hedge funds. While at ZCM, Mr. Sinacore successfully led the sale of ZCM to BNP Paribas.

Mr. Sinacore had relocated to London, England to join RBS Greenwich Capital before that. While at RBS, Mr. Sinacore's responsibilities included management of the firm's global Derivatives, as well as the firm's Fixed Income and Credit Trading, divisions in Europe and Asia. Additionally, Mr. Sinacore chaired the firm's Capital Commitment Committee.

Mr. Sinacore also spent 12 years at JP Morgan & Co., Inc.. While at JP Morgan, Mr. Sinacore held various roles in both New York and London where he was a founding member of JP Morgan's global Derivative Sales and Trading group. Mr. Sinacore’s responsibilities at JP Morgan included management of the firm’s Fixed Income, Equity, Foreign Exchange and Commodities divisions. Mr. Sinacore began his career at J. Aron & Co., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Goldman Sachs & Co., where Mr. Sinacore worked as a precious metals trader.

Mr. Sinacore received a Bachelor of Science degree from Fordham University's College of Business Administration in 1980.