What do we offer?

Atrevida Partners combines best-in-class risk management, analytics and governance with judgment and experience.


An even keel investment strategy designed to mitigate the effects of market volatility

Our portfolio management process includes:

  • Bottom-up manager selection which trumps top-down sector tilting;
  • Vigilant monitoring of manager key competencies and performance; which forestalls unpleasant surprises;
  • Making sure the manager does not drift off course by style drift or excessive AUM growth (which can dilute returns)

The four pillars of the Atrevida Investment Process

The utmost care is placed on risk management every step of the way

Manager Selection

  • Focus on managers with proven edge
  • Favor smaller, higher performance managers if possible
  • Use experience, judgement and due diligence to uncover unique opportunities

Strategy Allocation

  • Identify strategy headwinds and tailwinds by using fundamental and technical analysis
  • Do not be constrained by rigid guidelines; look outside the box
  • Keep cash available for time-sensitive opportunities

Portfolio Construction

  • Allocate by risk considerations, not sector definitions
  • Give equal value to marginal diversification and marginal returns
  • Balance higher manager risk/returns with portfolio diversification and/or tactical hedging


Portfolio Level

  • Monitor theme concentrations and style drift

Manager Level

  • Maintain regular contact via calls and visits
  • Perform rigorous quantitative analysis to track adherence to strategy and stated parameters

Atrevida's Investment approach makes smooth sailing for investors.