Atrevida Partners

Investment stability in a world full of market volatility

Atrevida Partners

Atrevida is a private asset management firm focused on preserving and enhancing our clients’ wealth by investing in alternative investments. The firm’s principals share a long history in the capital markets with particular expertise in market risk management.

Atrevida manages both multi-strategy funds as well as more concentrated funds offered when we perceive that certain markets or strategies offer compelling asymmetric return opportunities.

Our Partners and Board members represent a significant amount of the firm’s assets. Our strong performance is a function of our consistent investment philosophy and process, both enabled by our managed-growth.  We are committed to preserving these attributes to insure our continued flexibility to invest with managers of all sizes and disciplines. We feel strongly that the significant growth and institutionalization of our industry has meaningfully impaired many funds of fund’s ability to differentiate themselves and deliver on their promoted value proposition.

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Investment Philosophy

The strategic and successful management of investments takes great focus and discipline. We believe that skilled managers can outperform risk-adjusted benchmarks—but not all the time and not in all market environments. So we use our investment tools and best judgment to select and allocate client capital to multiple managers, creating greater diversification than a single-manager/strategy portfolio. A multi-strategy approach also provides us the ability to react more nimbly to changing environments and to re-balance the portfolio accordingly.

Atrevida’s focus is using alternative strategies to deliver returns to our clients that are generally less correlated to the traditional asset classes. In doing so, we also seek to manage risk and protect capital. We believe our investment process has integrity, is time-tested and is sustainable.

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Investment Performance

Atrevida has a history of consistent success in alternative investments since inception. We look forward to your contacting us and would be most pleased to share our performance record.